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Ready to experience the last alarm clock you’ll ever need? A gadget that’s so clever it should come with its own Mensa membership? Then welcome to the world of the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock.

The Neverlate combines world-first functionality with effortlessness of use, all wrapped up in a great-looking piece of kit that will smarten up any bedside table. This is an alarm clock has a separate 7-day alarm ‘bank’ for both you and your partner plus a whole set of additional alarms for daily reminders – a whopping 21 individually customisable alarms in all. Each alarm setting can be assigned to a different digital radio station (20 presets in all), giving ultimate listening flexibility. If you prefer Radio 1 on weekdays but like a bit of easy listening at the weekends? Consider it done.

When not in use as an alarm you can also plug in your MP3 player to listen to your chosen favourite sounds. And if space is at a premium – then you can plug in a laptop-style lamp, electric fan, or USB mobile phone charging lead direct into this nifty little number. Genius!

If you’re the type who hates to be woken with a jolt, then there’s a ‘gradual wake’ function, which will gently raise the volume from a whisper to rouse you. Plus, if you succumb to the temptation to hit the snooze button there’s a clever ‘descending snooze’ feature which cuts the snooze time in half each time you press the button!

There’s just not time or room enough to list every fabulous function on the Neverlate – you really have to experience it to feel the full force of its power.

So, a gizmo so clever has to be mind-bogglingly difficult to operate, right? Wrong. The beauty of the Neverlate is that it’s been designed specifically for simplicity of use in mind There’s an easy-peasy, patent-pending dial system which makes accessing functions and changing the time a piece of cake!

All this power, all these amazing functions. You’re probably thinking that there’s no way you can afford such heights of technology – but amazingly, all this comes at an RRP of just £39.99 – a tiny price to pay for being Neverlate again!

Notes to editors: The Neverlate Alarm Clock is available from www.firebox.com or for stockists check out www.bbtradesales.com.

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