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BB Shopping Bag yourself a BoomBucket™!


For those that are permanently attached to their iPod, but want to share their tunes with their dudes on the beach or friends at a barbie, then look no further than the BoomBucket™.



This portable speaker features a durable weather-resistant design that’s perfect for outdoor use. The heavy duty battery works for 8 hours on a single charge meaning the party can go on all night long whilst the 360º speaker ensures sound all around.  And for those that like to stay in control of the party proceedings a remote control means you’ll always be in charge of the tracks.


And… for those that expect things to get a little wet at their parties why not protect your BoomBucket™ with a wetsuit? These colourful neoprene covers will add a splash of glamour and are available in variety of colours.

The Brookstone BoomBucket™ will cost £119.99 and be widely available from September onwards, its cutting edge design will make it must have gadget for boys who love their toys or families with an eye for contemporary living. Priced at just £19.99 the Neoprene Wet Suit is the perfect accessory to dress your BoomBucket… and with many different colours available why stop at one, theme your Boom Bucket for any occasion!

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