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BB Shopping Don’t be a trolley dolly…

From the house of Brookstone comes another great concept that promises to delight the frequent flyers amongst us.

We’ve all been there, walking up the aisle of a train or plane, dragging our cabin baggage behind us, hearing the murmurs of disapproval as we clip people’s ankles with the cumbersome case behind us. Or what about the race along the concourse which results in your case having a mind of its own and wheeling off in a different direction? Well now there’s a luggage system that will solve the problem:-  Brookstone’s Dash the stylish cabin baggage with multi-directional handling. 

In a nutshell, Dash is the carry-on case that keeps up with you no matter how fast you fly running for your flight. It’s roomy enough to make quick tricks a no-brainer all in a sturdy hard-side case that treats your clothes like precious cargo.

The Dash Rolling Hard Carry-on Case is one of the most stylish systems around. Available in graphite, black, pink or green is suitable for both male and female executives or trendy weekend jetsetters and is deceptively spacious to carry most peoples essentials for a few of days travel.  Weighing just 8kg this case is perfectly proportioned to fit most airlines carry on size restrictions;- it will also alleviate long waits at the baggage carousel.

But it’s the manoeuvrability that sets dash apart amongst its piers. The Four multi-directional wheels spin, pivot and scoot to keep pace with sudden changes and quick stops meaning this case can be pulled behind, pushed in front or wheeled beside you. In other words it behaves itself whatever the stress you put it under.

The Dash Rolling Case will be widely available from September onwards and costs just £74.99 and will soon be a constant sighting in an airport near you.  

Notes to editors: For more information on all the Brookstone products or for images and samples contact Michele or Alicia at Evolution PR on 01327 701 702 or email Michele@evolution-pr.co.uk


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