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BB Shopping Picoo Z (Picco Z) Hints and Tips
Flying Toys Picoo Z ‘Hints & Tips’ Troubleshooting Guide

In case of difficulty, please refer to this Guide before returning the Helicopter to your Supplier. Please note the Manufacturer is not responsible for Crash Damage that may occur during the operation of your Silverlit Helicopter.
Helicopter will not charge, or poor duration
Discharge the Flight Battery by operating until the Rotors almost stop, and recharge until the Green Light on the Charger goes out. Continue to fully discharge and recharge as necessary, to progressively improve the performance and duration.
Helicopter rotates after take of
Stab the appropriate Trim Control on the Transmitter repeatedly, rather than pressing and holding. If the Helicopter spins faster, you are stabbing the wrong button!

Helicopter continues to spin or becomes uncontrollable after performing satisfactorily

Examine the motor shaft of the tiny Tail Rotor Motor for carpet fibres or hair wrapped around the shaft. Remove this carefully using a pin or similar. Do not attempt to remove the Tail Rotor unless absolutely necessary
Broken Tail Rotor
A spare Tail Rotor has been included with your Picoo Z. It is most important that the original Tail Rotor is removed with extreme care to avoid damaging the tiny motor, to prevent any possibility of pulling the delicate shaft out of the motor, or detaching the fine electrical connections.
Rechargeable Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries are unsuitable for use in the Picoo Z Transmitter. Only use good quality Alkaline Batteries.
Allow sufficient space whilst learning
The tiny Picoo Z Micro Helicopter is the smallest and lightest miniature Infra Red controlled Helicopter in the World, and will reward you with many exhilarating flights with careful operation. Be sure to allow enough space around you whilst learning, even though this may be operated in the smallest of spaces with practice.
Picoo Z will fly indoors or outside
The inexpensive Picoo Z Micro Helicopter is remarkably robust, made of tough expanded Polypropylene foam, features a brilliant blue LED strobe light allowing fantastic flights in the dark, and incorporates an auto stability system to make this easy to operate both indoors and outside in dead calm conditions. Treat it with respect, and do not attempt to fly it outside in windy conditions.
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