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Sometimes a girl just can’t get enough pink, and if there’s a girl in your life who lives and breaths all things rose coloured then we have the perfect gift for them.

Direct from the Pink Tool Box Company comes a collection of gifts that are just perfect for the purpose. Not only are they pretty in a girly sort of way but they are really useful too, adding a touch of glamour to what otherwise could be a mundane object.

So what’s on offer in this positively pink portfolio?

For girls into a bit of DIY but who don’t want to lose their feminine streak there’s The Pink Drill Kit. Housed in its own pink tool case this drill packs a punch with its powerful 12V Motor and will make light work of putting up a curtain pole or two. It has an easy to change chuck mechanism - so no broken nails– and a handy set of HSS twist drill bits as well as a selection of screwdrivers for manual work. The icing on the cake is the snazzy pink goggles to wear when you’re busy on the job. Priced at Just £32.99 this gifts a steal for an independent girl who likes to get down and dirty in the house.  

The Pink Tool Kit is every DIY Queen’s dream. This robust tool box protects your equipment as well as your look, as there’s a handy mirror included in the roof of the box- who ever said you had to look a state to do DIY? With a hammer and various screw drivers included, you will soon be knocking up those shelves which you had been nagging a certain someone to put up for weeks. At £24.99 DIY has never been so stylish and affordable as this kit contains everything a feminine fixer could ever need ranging from a spirit level to pliers. Thanks to The Pink Tool Kit, you’ll find yourself looking to previously tiresome tasks with relish. 

The Pink Have You Got Box truly is the answer to a disorganised girl’s prayers -it’s the box for every crisis. It comes complete with a sewing kit for all those pre night out blunders, as well as glue for a broken ornament or two! You’ll be a heroine in every disaster- saving the day time and again with the handy items provided such as fuse or batteries. Life will never be the same, and priced at just £9.99 it’s a bargain you dare not risk missing out on.

Don’t let the travel bug get in the way of your girly comforts. At £34.99 the Pink Travel Kit makes sure you can see the world without becoming a bit of a mess. It comes with a collapsible steam iron for those crumpled clothes along with a euro-adapter for all your electrical needs- even the most demanding IT Girl could not find fault! If security is a worry this kit of delights even includes a combination padlock to keep your precious cargo safe.

The Pink Car Kit is packed full of vital ingredients for those on the move dramas! Whether it is getting the motor started on cold winter mornings using the jump lead and scraper, or keeping it smelling nice and fresh after a curry with the air freshener - all your needs are catered for. If you are the kind of girl who worries about getting your hands dirty then crisis averted- protective gloves are included along with an LED torch for those fumbles in the dark. At £24.99 The Pink Car Kit is essential, and will fit perfectly into your glove compartment as well as your life style.

The Pink PC Kit brings some excitement back into the boring grey office backdrop. This £19.99 quirky pink mouse and USB set will rate you high in the style stakes with your colleges as well as providing you with a useful tin to keep your office essentials in.

Jet-setting girls will be safe in the knowledge that the Pink World Travel Adaptor is in charge of all their technological devices. It covers an extensive range of places such as the EU, US, New Zealand and even Australia and couldn’t be simpler to use- either plug your adapter in to the mains or charge your device using the USB port. This versatile adaptor is the perfect companion for the regular traveller, and at £14.99 it is a must!

These are just a few of the fabulous Gifts from the Pink Tool Box Company that will delight the girl in your life. For more information, images or stockists please call Alicia or Michele at Evolution PR Ltd on 01327 701 702 or email Alicia@evolution-pr.co.uk

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