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BB Shopping Salvation 9 Review


The Salvation 9 Helicopter for Those Who are still Kids at Heart!
Author: GadgetGirl | Files under Cool Gadgets, General

This is one for the guys (ahem and sorry the girls!). Think back to your fond memories as a child when you got your first remote helicopter and got it to whiz round the air thinking it was the bee’s knees. Well it’s now time to relive your childhood again but this time with a little more cash and more style let me introduce to you the Salvation 9 Helicopter.

This works like a dream! With a 3 channel remote control unit, you’ll be able to fly up, down, left, right forwards and backwards. Also included under its bonnet is the proportional control which gives you precision as you manoeuvre round the corners or even if you’re feeling daring around your Mum’s prized vases. If you’re thinking of venturing in lots of open space then this nippy flying machine will allow you to fly within a 30 metre range.

With its sleek and fresh style you may want to take the Salvation at a slower pace so that other remote control fanatics could get an eyeful of the helicopter’s good looks. You’ll get 8-10 minutes of flight time from just one charge of the LiPO battery in less than an hour’s recharge time.

And with Father’s Day just around the corner this would be perfect gift for him to recapture his childhood memories.


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