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BB Shopping Smart Globe Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked (Technical) Questions


Q1: Nothing happen after the pen is plugged in, and an error message “The Parameter is incorrect” is shown.

In order to solve it, you have to download and upgrade the software. First, uninstall your current SmartGlobe software. Second, download new software from this link http://smartglobe.oregonscientific.com/updates/deluxe.html and then install it on your computer. 


Q2: I have registered, but download (or update) fails. Error message is “Init smart pen error”.



Oregon receive your registration record, which means your SmartGlobe software and driver are installed properly. If you have problem on download, then it may be caused by firewall or heavy Internet traffic. If you have any firewall installed on your computer, please turn it off before download and see whether it would help. Sometimes the firewall will block the download connection.

Q3: Software doesn’t recognize the pen or something related to driver installation.


Your SmartGlobe driver may not have installed. If you install the driver correctly, when you plug in your pen, then you should see an item "9KD USB MACHINE" or "SmartGlobe II" as shown in control panel. Please go into Control Panel, select System, choose Hardware and click on Device Manager to check it. If you cannot see it or you see a yellow question on device "SONIX_SNL320", then you have to install the driver again. There is a web link http://smartglobe2g.oregonscientific.com/help/us/usversion.html to teach you how to install the driver. Make sure you follow the steps inside.

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