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BB Shopping Using Bedlam Cubes In Schools

Using The Bedlam Puzzle in Education

"We have been using the Bedlam cube in school as an educational tool for a number of years. It is an extremely useful tool that benefits both older and younger children"

Rebecca Rouse

Some of the benefits to be derived include:

1) The cube provides a series of problem solving situations that the children find both challenging and rewarding.
2) Children focus attention and retain interest for a considerable length of time. Over half an hour is normal but fifty minutes to an hour is not exceptional.
3) Tasks can be differentiated to cater for children of differing abilities from nursery age to twelve years and beyond.
4) Children are prepared to work beyond frustration level because there are many solutions.
5) Children are willing to seek guidance when working with the cube. This willingness to ask for help can be encouraged in other areas of the curriculum.
6) Each solution found provides the basis for five more.
7) Working with the Cube helps many pupils to develop a sense of spatial awareness.
8) Pupils find using the Cube is a great source of relaxation.
9) Using the Cube combines learning and play for pupils at all stages.
10) Systematic use of the Cube enables the teacher to set up confidence boosting situations that give the children experience of achievement and success.
11) The Cube presents a useful means of positively involving pupils who complete the planned class work quickly and well.

It has been said that there are four “e’s” in effective learning viz enjoyment, enthusiasm, encouragement and enquiry. If these elements are present in a teaching situation many pupils will benefit greatly.

Using the Cube regularly as a classroom tool brings the four elements into play for the benefit of all.

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